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there. other g.o.p. contenders are taking aim. looking to derail texas congressman ron paul in the first in the nation rival state, they plan to hit with tv ads. >> all the talk about the ron paul surge and the support that he has out, there the momentum that he hassing into the january 3rd caucuses is real. >> reporter: mitt romney, michele bachmann, rick perry kick off bus tours while santorum goes hunting. mike huckabee says the outcome may boil down to the elements. if the weather is good, mitt romney is in better shape. if the weather is bad, ron paul will win. >> reporter: on january 10th, the nation's first primary is scheduled where romney leads by double digits. begin rich and paul are tied for second ahead of jon huntsman. >> he will take new hampshire by storm and do well there. that will propel him into south carolina where he will have problems. >> i don't think it's over yet. i still think the southern states are problematic for romney. some say he wins iowa and new hampshire, a cake walk for him. i don't think that's necessarily the case. lead in many national polls but it
for firefighters, sparking thousands of wildfires in texas. the most devastating blaze in the state's history and the wild fires destroyed over 30,000 acres. >> oh, no, what did it destroy? >> reporter: and a -- and a deadly year for tornados, dangerous twisters in april. reducing thousands of homes to rubble and killing more than 300 people across seven states. in alabama alone, more than 200 people were killed. >>> then in may, a powerful e-5 tornado touching down in joplin, missouri, killing 150 people and in august, hurricane irene slammed safe all along the east coast. the storm destroying homes and flooding roads and knocking down power lines. irene also creating's messy situation in maryland and this is covered in foam. and in vermont, a dam is compromised. causing hundreds to leave their he's. it was insult added to injury for arizona as the giant dust storm and record-breaking temperatures swept across parts of the state. in august, the temperatures reaching a sizzling 117 degrees. filthy clouds of fog known as a haboob leaving the lungs of residents full of dirt and debris and spore
in texas as a model got off of a small private plane and walked right into the moving propeller. 23-year-old lauren scruggs. her hand wassasm tated. she has a fractured skull and severe cuts. she had been on a trip over dallas looking at christmas lights on saturday. her parents are by her side right now at a dallas hospital. she has had several emergency surgeries since the weekend accident. we're told she's spotting to her family. >> she's even responding more today. this afternoon. >> she's opening her ice. >> moving around in the bed which, is good. she's uncomfortable and moving, a good thing. >> scruggs is the editor for an online fashion magazine. >>> coming up at the bottom of the hour, a montgomery man is sentenced for putting out a hit on his wife. she recounts the ordeal as her former husband is support to prison. >>> a local county is deciding whether to enforce a controversial curfew, what they decided. >>> and should the morning after pill be put on store shelves? how the fda is igthe thighing -- ignighting this debate. ebat >> merry christmas from the hughes family in germ
. >>> and friendings -- excuse me, friends, family, and strangers say goodbye to an inspirational texas teenager. how his messages on youtube have touched thousands since his death on christmas. as. >>> tomorrow afternoon, these little guys wrestling around on the floor here will officially have a -- [ indiscernible ] i'm beth parker. the story a long time in the making. >> if you would like a good love story, stay here. we're about to introduce you to a woman who thought she would never love again. tragedy seemed to follow her, but this new year's eve, she will get a fresh start. as beth parker shows us, it's a new beginning for the whole family. >> reporter: kristen clark's first husband was a navy diver. he survived iraq but was killed in a motorcycle accident after returning home in 2005. >> we were -- >> she was left a widow with three boys to raise. eventually show began dating again. four years later, hear fiance who was in the coast guard died, too. she told herself then she never wanted to take another chance on love. >> and never once opened my h
shot outside of their south texas school. it happened yesterday in e dinburg. the police believe the shots came from a ranch that is next to a school. the two men were doing target practice at the time and a third man was terrorist passing on the property and hunting with an assault rifle. the boys are expected to be okay. so far, no charges were filed. [ screaming ] what, are you crazy? >> frightenning video here. fights between a grandmother and her, stranged som and ended in gun fire and police say the 66-year-old woman pulled the trigger. the victim's cell phone caught it. the woman tried to claim that he, her som, was the one who pulled the gun. the victim's in an ongoing custody battle with the woman's daughter over the three-year- old son. the grandmother is facing attempted murder chars. >>> and some states have banned texting while driving. should all cell phone use be offlimits? we'll go in-depth with the group pushing for a nationwide ban. >>> keeping your family safe this holiday season. i have a few new tips i learned from the consumer product safety commission. >>>
air force base in texas. airmen, you can see, are standing beside an open casket while another airman inside poses with a noose around his neck and chains on his body. air force times writer david larter broke the story and is with us with more on this disturbing photo. thank you for being with us. i priority it. >> thank you. >> and this is e-mailed to you all. what was your reaction when you first saw the photo? >> my initial reaction was mostly due to the letter attached to the e-mail from staff sergeant bonilla who had a strong reaction to the photo and said that it reminded him looking at the airman in there, looking at the soldiers he lost when he was deployed down rainfall. so, because of the strong reaction of the staff sergeant, i realized this is going to be an important story that we needed to jump o. >> do you have any clue in investigating this about the purpose of the photo? i know in some work places, the police department and the new ice room, there is some offcolored jokes made and not meant for circulation like this photo was clearly not meant to be seen as publicly
there and that is where the colder air is catching up on the back side of the line and into texas, they have been picking up between 1, 2, maybe three inches of snow in the panhandle and there is snow as far south as el paso and sannasm low and we're going to get that, too. this is the setup this evening, the future cast and showers to the west and through the overnight. not a lot going on and just a few spotty showers tomorrow morning for the commute and that is probably not going to be wet for everyone. we progress through the day tomorrow, more showers fill in and some temperatures, upper 50s, lower 60s and the morning commute looks dry and evening commute looks wet with the showers across and some more showers tomorrow night and on wednesday, we have some showers. the heaviest of the rain is to i-95 east look the bay and look what we're seeing now to the north and the west and there is some more cold air closer to had and into that wednesday evening, we temporarilily dry and looks like another storm system is coming up along the cold front for wednesday night and into thursday and there is that possi
of the hour. hour.  >> a texas teenager lost his battle against a lifelong heart condition on christmas. not before leaving behind a message on youtube. the videos described growing up with the heart condition and the most inspiring post hinted at the visions during past brushes with death, including one where he'd he found himself looking in a mirror, quote, i was proud of myself and everything i have done, it was the best feeling. >>> a nine-year-old indiana girl brutally murdered lived in hagerstown, maryland, earlier this year. she attended winter street elementary from january to june of this year. a neighbor confessed to killing lemon on december 22nd while baby sitting her and her sisters. >>> coming up, a new study puts the spotlight on the troubling trend in area schools. >>> also ahead, justin bieber's name pops up on a hit-list. >>> be careful what you post on facebook. the picture that landed a man in jail after proposing to his girlfriend. iend.  >> they're eager, hopeful kids who came to america in search of a better life. they're being forced to
in texas. word got out in tastebook and a nationwide protest was organized. the place where it took place has not had problems with nursing mothers. >> the mom who organized this gathering here called and -- talked to the manager and let her know we wouldn't be here, not that we would have issues here but that is -- . >> guests are free to go anywhere within our store to us in their babies. and if we were approaching that. we would actually send them a request that they use our sitting room. >> about 100 groups staged protests in 35 states today. >>> all right, we have all talked about what our dream job would be. local folks may have it. a maryland-based wedding site is enjoying perks too good to be true. how about a eliminated time off? i will take it. the wedding wire's hr director jenny harding is here now. i must tell you our newsroom is buzzing about this. when you're a wedding planning website, how many employees do you have? >> we have over $100. we broke 100 at the end of december. >> and how are you offering over 100 employees and when is that time off? >> thya -- they have to a
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9